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Pork Trachea

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Pork Trachea

  • Ingredients: 100% pork trachea (windpipe)
  • Single-ingredient chew made without any artificial coloring, preservatives or additives 
  • Light, crunchy, and flavorful chew perfect for smaller breeds and gentle chewers 
  • Made of cartilage which is rich in glucosamine and chrondoitin for healthy joints 
  • Acts as a natural toothbrush to help remove plaque and tartar build-up 
  • Chewing intensity: Light-Medium

Note: Color, shape and size may vary from the product shown in the photos. 

Storage: store in an airtight container for 60-90 days. Keep your treats and chews in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You may also freeze for up to 6 months. 

How to store half-eaten chews: wipe the chew or let it air dry and refrigerate/freeze in an open bag or container to prevent moisture build up. Do not mix half-eaten chews with fresh ones. Once eaten it is best to finish the chew within 7-10 days. 

Net Weight: 50g (2-3 pcs)