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About us

My senior dogs are the inspiration behind Barkery on 10th. Eating is their greatest joy in life but due to their ages and food sensitivities, their options for treats and chews were pretty limited. Because of this I was inspired to start creating treats and chews that are not only delicious, but also all-natural and safe even for senior dogs.  

I started this little shop because I want other dogs to be able to try novel proteins like ostrich, goat, turkey and rabbit. I take pride in being the first to come up with unique treats and chews that are the first in the Philippine market, like our signature braided bullysticks, beef tendon, duck and rabbit heads, and our ostri-chips. 

 All our ingredients are human-grade, locally sourced and fresh, never frozen. These are carefully cleaned, trimmed and gently dried at low heat retain maximum nutrients and to produce only the safest, healthiest and most delicious treats for your dogs. No need for long ingredient labels filled with words you can’t understand. Our treats contain only one ingredient: pure meat and nothing else. Never any preservatives, coloring, fillers or other synthetic stuff.  

I hope you guys enjoy your treats and chews as much as I enjoy making them for you!