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Rabbit Chips

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Ingredients: 100% rabbit meat, organs and bones

Our chips make a crunchy, flavorful snack. Can be served whole or crumbled over meals. Sprinkle over food for a tasty, crunchy calcium boost. Also works great with enrichment toys and slow feeders. 


Rabbit chips = whole rabbit chips (for training rewards)

Rabbit crumbles = food topper

Note: our chips do not contain any eggs, gluten, dairy, sugar, etc

All our treats and chews are hand-crafted from fresh and locally sourced human-grade meat. Our treats are carefully cleaned and gently dried without any preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavoring, or coloring. All our products are free from grain, gluten, wheat, soy, salt, and other fillers or additives. 

Storage: keep the bag sealed and store it in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Treats can also be transferred to an airtight container.

Shelf-life: 30 to 60 days from purchase. Can be refrigerated/frozen for up to 90 days

Net Wt: 60g