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1000ml Airtight Glass Jar

Regular price ₱420.00

Airtight storage jars to keep your treats and chews fresher for longer. 

Material: insulated, heat-resistant borosilicate glass jars with acacia lid


300ml (ideal for cookies, toppers, supplements)

500ml (ideal for cookies, jerky)

750ml (ideal for jerky, duck feet, chicklets)

1000ml (ideal for whole or half-cut bullysticks, tendon, pork trachea)

2300ml (ideal for chicklets, kibbles, rice, etc)


Lid Engraving: high-res. black and white images/line art work best for the engraved lids. If you don't have your own portrait please add a Pet Portrait to your cart before checking out, and we will commission one for you. 

Please e-mail your portrait together with proof of payment. 

Note: Shade/color of the wooden lids may vary from the photo shown.

Leadtime: 1 week